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 In 2002, I was part of an experiment, while freelancing as an independent Consultant in New York City, a good friend of mine who worked at Goldman Sachs had an idea.  The Idea was to start a Consulting firm for start-ups and small businesses grossing less than 5 million a year.
The idea is to allow entrepreneurs an opportunity to have the exact same resources as fortune a 500 company. It goes like this: If  you have an idea for a start-up, or you are a struggling small business needing funding  ex.: a reliable service , online business, or home/garage based businesses, we would put your small company on a whiteboard and monitor your progress, help you get clients, negotiate on your behalf, provide legal and accounting (free of charge) and help you manage and grow.
We experimented with about 15 companies, back then, the cost for getting on the whiteboard was a one time investment of $1000.00.

– The Idea took off quickly. By the end of 2003, there were 15 small companies on the board with our help, the companies grew by 200% and the “board” was worth $2.5 million.

 We are-introducing  the “Whiteboard”… this year, we are featuring :   Jonas Guitars of Boulder CO, Calming Kids Yoga (Great Cause)
and a few other small companies….. Inquire about the whiteboard and how it can help you stay in business, and/or start your new business using our money and resources….

The fee to get your small business on the board is now $1,500.00.. your initial investment will be given back to you in cash after 90 days.  if your business folds before the 90 days, your $1,500.00 will be returned to you before we take you off the whiteboard….

If you are a start-up, small business who is looking to expand, please inquire about putting your business on the Board..