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About Us

Investment Philosophy

We firmly believe that throughout the economic cycle superior returns can be achieved through:

  • Sector focus: Union & RJMM holdings focus on industries in which it has knowledge and expertise and can leverage a competitive advantage.
  • Geographic focus: Union & RJMM holdings focus on countries where it has a network of relationships that allow effective sourcing of investment opportunities.
  • Discipline: Union & RJMM holdings follow clear investment principles and adheres to them for all investment decisions.
  • Entrepreneurial approach to portfolio management: Union & RJMM holdings act as a hands-on partner to identify value creation opportunities and actively supports the companies to achieve them.
  • Deliver-ability: Union & RJMM holdings have a fast and deliverable investment process due to our lean decision-making structure.
  • Fair dealings: Union & RJMM holdings believe in the principle that morality is longevity.