Managing Energy Funds

Structured equity financing solutions to energy projects

Developing Energy Resources

Identifying and harvesting domestic energy

Investing in & Managing ENERGY FUNDS

Union Consulting focuses on providing hybrid debt and structured equity financing solutions to energy projects and companies on a global basis. The funds target directly negotiated private transactions with mid- and large-cap energy companies and projects with an emphasis on transactions underpinned by hard assets, such as proven oil and gas reserves, pipelines, gathering systems, processing facilities, liquefied natural gas terminals, power plants, alternative energy and similar opportunities. The funds have the ability to invest in U.S. dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling, Canadian dollars and Australian dollars.


Identifying and harvesting domestic energy resources is essential for economic and ecological longevity. Our energy investment strategy is entrepreneurial and diverse. Union & RJMM manages companies that have extensive holdings in traditional resources such as coal, oil and gas, including mining, exploration and production. We also specifically seek out investments in renewable energy (bio-fuels, alternative energy) with a focus toward environmental sustainability. Our primary concentration is to look at onshore North American opportunities.

Spotlighting Profitable FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES

Our principal responsibility - to help companies snapshot the most advantageous time to act. Owners evaluating assets on the balance sheet, we may offer immediate liquidity or structure a tax-efficient transaction that maximizes value over time. A corporation interested in expanding or relocating, we may recommend immediate action to lock up suitable mark to market reserves and beat our competitor to the punch. A community located near a transportation center, we may develop a tiered growth strategy to ensure the energy company is attracting new clients at the same rate new jobs and a tax base are being created.